Marko KenttäläMarko Kenttälä
Mestarinkatu 1 C 12
33720 Tampere, Finland

I’m an professionally proven SW architect and developer residing in Tampere, Finland where I live with my wife and  daughter. During my over 20 years of professional SW development career I have worked with many different platforms and environments. That extensive experience has given me ability to learn quickly to start working on any environment and be productive and independent right from the start. Most of my career I’ve been working with mobile/embedded devices but I have worked with desktops and servers as well. As a hobby I have also participated in open source Linux DVB and VDR development, although not much lately as I’ve been busy with my daughter. I’m a Certified Scrum Master familiar with agile and test driven development processes.

Related professional experience:

04/2022 – ongoing: Treon Oy, Senior Software Engineer:

10/2018 – 04/2022: Jolla Ltd., Software Engineer.

04/2017 – 10/2018: Link Motion Ltd., Software Engineer. Automotive computer Linux development (Linux, embedded, C, C++, Qt, QML, ARM, i.MX6, i.MX8, u-boot, kernel, device tree, drivers, UI, yocto, bluetooth, bluez, networking, ofono, can, obd).

04/2013 – 04/2017: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Finland Oy, Software Developer. Embedded Linux vehicle device kernel, platform and application development. Please see Parker Pro Display. (Linux, embedded, u-boot, kernel, device tree, drivers, Qt, QML, C++, C, HW/SW integration, UI, ARM, i.MX6, CAN, yocto, touch, gstreamer, jenkins).

01/200502/2013: Accenture TechnologySolutions Oy, Systems Analyst (Senior SW Engineer). SW development projects mostly for Nokia.

  • Bug fixing and developer support for Nokia’s Qt, QtMobility and QtWebKit releases (Qt, QML, C++, WebKit, S60, networking, font rendering, localization)
  • Architect and developer for Nokia S60 SW update optimization. Technical customer interface handling and Tech Lead for eight offshore developers in India. (S60, C++, MySQL, networking, XML)
  • Developer porting MythTV to MeeGo (MeeGo, Linux, Qt, C++, UI, DVB)
  • Architect and developer for a new Nokia Linux device with customized Qt desktop and SW. Technical customer interface handling and Tech Lead for 30 developers in Latvia. (Qt, Maemo, Linux, C++, UI, multimedia, Bluetooth)
  • Developer in Nokia MeeGo core team (MeeGo, Linux, C++, daemons, NFC, kernel device driver)
  • Developer adding IPv6 support to Comptel GSM billing server (IPv6, networking, Linux, Solaris, AIX)
  • Developer in Nokia Tools team (Java, SWT, Eclipse plugin, XML, XSLT)
  • Developer for Nokia PC Suite update (C++, Windows)
  • Developer for Nokia reseller mobile application (S60, C++, XML)

10/200101/2005: Elektrobit Oy, Senior Designer. SW development projects for Nokia.

  • Developer of production/service test daemon for Nokia N770 Maemo Linux device (Maemo, Linux, C)
  • Developer for reliability test server SW for Nokia Symbian products (Symbian, C++)
  • Developer of VPN client UI for Nokia S60 device (S60, C++, UI)
  • Developer for embedded Nokia Linux device (Linux, C, Bluetooth, OBEX, HW/SW integration)
  • Developer optimizing kernel memory consumption for a embedded Nokia device (Linux, C, kernel)

11/200010/2001: V3 World Ltd., Software Engineer. WAP/SMS server development and customer projects.

  • Developer for WAP/SMS server (WML, SMSC, Windows, C++)
  • Developer of TCP/IP stack for a embedded car device (C, networking)
  • Developer of Microsoft Exchange WAP server (Windows, MAPI, C++)

05/199911/2000: Nokia Mobile Phones Ltd., Design Engineer.

  • Symbian S60 Bluetooth architecture and driver development for Nokia 7650 Symbian S60 device (S60, C++, Bluetooth, HW/SW integration)

03/199705/1999: TeamWARE Group Oy, Systems Specialist. TeamWARE Office development and mobile server customer projects.

  • UI test automation implementation for TeamWARE Office client (WinRunner, C)
  • Developer for TeamWARE Office server import/export tool (Windows, Solaris, C)
  • Development, customer installations, customer technical support and customer projects for mobile/SMS server (Java, Perl, SMSC)

05/199608/1996 ICL Personal Systems Oy, Administrator.

  • Computer and network administration for 80 people and 150 computers (Windows, Solaris, networking, domain administration)
  • TeamWARE Office server administration (Windows, Solaris, backups)


  • C/C++/C#
  • Java, Android, SWT, SAX
  • Perl, PHP, Python, Bash, Assembler
  • Scrum, agile, test driven development
  • Mobile/embedded devices and development
  • Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Solaris
  • Windows, Windows Phone
  • WebKit, HTML
  • Qt, QML, QtWebkit
  • Databases, SQL
  • Yocto, Git, Subversion, Ant
  • Continuous integration/test automation, Jenkins, CruiseControl
  • Drivers, Networking, TCP/IP, IPv6, Bluetooth, NFC, CAN
  • Network, Windows and Linux server administration

Studies, certifications and courses:

  • 1989 Matriculation examination at Hervannan lukio.
  • 1989- Tampere University of Technology, Master of Science degree studies in Automation. Not graduated.
  • 2007 Test driven development course
  • 2008 Certified Scrum Master by ScrumAlliance
  • 2010 Qt application development course
  • 2012 Windows 8 and WP8 application development and low level programming courses
  • 2013 Mobile Architect course


  • Learning the guitar, motorbiking and floorball.

Random stuff